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EduCloud is proud to present matric webinars to help prepare learners for the end of the year examinations. The webinars build on the experience of Mathematics seminars conducted by The Maths Club in different provinces since 2006. The concept of seminars is targeted discussions that zoom into critical areas that have proven challenging to comprehend for learners. The targeted areas are informed by classroom experience of the facilitators as well as examination reports that detail gaps identified during the marking of examination papers.  

Rationale for Webinars


The webinars will ensure that learners are exposed to all concepts that are critical for examination in the minimum time possible. 


The requirement that learners prepare for each webinar ensures multiple exposure to the concepts thus improving comprehension and the confidence of learners. 


In addition to learning during the webinar learners have an opportunity to collaborate with peers from other schools as they compete and cooperate beyond the webinar. 


The webinars are conducted by highly experienced educators with examinations setting, moderation and authoring knowledge to share with learners and educators.


The discussion questions are carefully selected from past exam papers and bundled to address common challenges and gaps highlighted in examination reports. 


Learners can use the webinar videos to revise and prepare for examination at their own time in the school or at home. Supplementary materials will be made developed to consolidate on topics discussed. 

Webinar Guidelines




To attend the webinars schools must register on the EduClassroom App indicating the number of educators and learners to participate. Educators and learners are then required to signup under their school account to have full access of the app and attend the webinars. School APP registration is charged at R25 per learner per subject for the rest of the year and for all subject webinars. Read more in the EduClassroom page to learn how the APP will benefit the exam prep process. 




The list of webinars is available at the bottom of this page. Educators must book on the appropriate webinar indicating the number of learners to attend. A confirmation email will be sent to the educator's registered email address and tutorial pages will be available to download from the APP. 



Audio-Visual Equipment

The school must have a COMPUTER, a DATA PROJECTOR, SPEAKERS and WIFI connection for the webinars. The laptop must have a camera or an external camera must be connected to the computer to allow for visual communication. 




Educators and learners must prepare in advance for the webinar. Learners are required to complete tutorial exercises relating to the seminar in advance and then write a short test before attending the webinar. The tutorial exercises are compiled by the webinar facilitator and administered by the educator with evidence (register) of the tutorial session uploaded in the EduClassroom App. 

The educator must also get questions from learners on the tutorial exercises and upload these on the APP so that the facilitator can answer them during the webinar. 




The subject educator(s) is the coordinator of the webinar in the school ensuring that bookings are made, the classroom is prepared with equipment in working order and ready for the webinar. The educator will also have to manage learners and contributions during the webinar ensuring that learners engage in discussions as may be required fot the webinar. 



Learning Materials

The learning material for the webinar is prescribed by the facilitator. For Mathematics and Physical Sciences learners and educators must have copies of Mathematically Correct (11&12) and Physical Sciences Spectrum (12). These books can be purchased here. The books are available in hard copy and as an epublication. 

Webinar to Video

The webinars will be recorded live and made available on the video section of this website. The section is only available to schools that have registered in the EduClassroom App and have attended the webinar. Schools and learners that did not attend the webinar can buy videos or access to the EduVideo page.

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